Saturday, 5 September 2009

magic cream !

even though im only 17 i like to look forwards and try my best to prevent the ageing process... unluckly for me i do have a few expresion likes across my forhead think i got them from my dad really and they are not a huge problem to me but if i was told there was a cream from tesco for £2 then i would be all for it !

And there is!....its by Derma inensive+ and its there anti wrinkle night cream, im well and truley a slave to this product i love it the cream is thick but wont take ages to apply, it has a really fresh sent sort of alo vera smelling and absorbes into the skin almost instantly

Although anti wrinkle creams are only a quick fix if you use every night before you go to sleep theres no reason why it shouldnt have longer lasting effects within a week i noticed the elastisity of my skin improving , the texture changing and it giving me an really healthy glow and for £2 you cant go wrong im almost out of my first pot and will deffo be getting some more !

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