Sunday, 20 June 2010

Face of the night

MAC - studio fix
No 7 extream legnth
Eyelur Lashes
avon bronzing pearls
Barbara daly butterfly blush
Bad gal eye liner
revlon lipgloss in peach petal
barbara daly eye souffle shaddow in driftwood

hope you like this look guys :D x

Nite out !

Top - £18.00 New Look
leggings - £5 Next
Shoes - £15.00 New Look
Ring -£2.00 Primark
Tan - St moritz

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Meg ryan hair !

My mum has always wanted and loved meg's hair ,she has tryed several perms and curling tools but never managed
to create the look.

After 2 long hours i managed to make it happen! I used my Babyliss conicle wand Frizz ease hair spray and harmony extra firm hair spray .

The trick to getting thease seperated curls is to take tiney sections each section should be about a cm wide, The curls at the back need to be ulternated but at the front should all be curled away from the face. to keep a longer lasting curl spray with Frizz ease hair spray before you curl and harmony hair spray once curled.

take a look at my pictures to see the finished result :D x

Friday, 11 June 2010

How i take care of my skin

In the past i have sufferd with realy bad acne and as a result i was prescribed Roacutain ( not spelt correctly lol ) it was a really tuff treatment to have it works by stopping the production of oil meaning the pores can not get blocked with oil stopping spots and black heads.This treatment is very popular with TV presenters and other people on television a lot because it stops the face purspurating (sweating) meaning presenters will not sweat under the hot studio lights.The side effects of the treatment can range from depersion to weight gain .. luckly for me i didnt have anything like that although my skin became extreamly dry and flakey but my lips were even worse i could litteraly peel the surface skin of my lip off every morning i went through multiple lip cream ,balms and salvs but in the end it was worth it my skin is so much better now i still get a spot here and there but nothing like it was.The only hang up i have now is the scaring my skin is very red and has a lot of dips were the spots were.Being a beauty therapist i feel under extream presure to make sure that my skin looks the best it can at all times so i have tryed a lot of products, heres my skin steps.

1.Every morning and night i will cleanse my face to get rid of any oil dirt or debry left on my skin my best cleansers are: Dermalogica Ultra calming cleanser and NO7 soft smoothed gental cleanser.Both of thease are ok to remove eye make up with because they are so gental.

2.Three times a week i will exfoliate This aids the removal of dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal my best exfoliators is:Botanics (boots)

3.Twice a week i will use Boots tea tree nose pore stips This will keep my nose as decongested as possible and prevent spots.

4. After i cleanse in the morning i will moisturise before aplying my make up in the morning i use Nivia Soft and in the evening i like to use an anti wrinkle moisturiser i use Derma intensive + anti wrinkle night cream

5.Twice a week i will use a mask my fave is simple moisturising mask it really intensive and had a luxury texture!

Hope you enjoy and if there is any one out there who has had a hard time with acne and such things im only a email away if you ever want to talk ! take care xxx

Thankkyou Glamour and Benefit !

So yesterday night i was browsing on blogspot to find lollipop 26 had wrote about glamour giving away free pencils you get a full sized either BAD gal ,eyebright or it stick or if your like me you buy 3 mags and get one of each =) all three together would retail at £45 but with this deal there £2 each plus a copy of glamour mag ! so in sheer desperation i ran over to tesco (luckly i love next door to tesco ;) ) and there were no copys of glamour :( but i went over again this morning and what did i find all three copys !!!! yay ! =D
did you all manage to get copys ? or even all of them ? let me know !

thanks xx

Thursday, 10 June 2010

oh summer were have you gone :O

im so borred :( that loviily summer sun we had has vanished and left us britt's with dull skys , rain and humidity in the air to top it all off ! i hate this kind of weather it just puts me in a picklee as to what to wear it June so you want to look summer'y but then again its dull so you cant pull off the cropped shorts and vest top you normaly would and then AS FOR THE RAIN!! well what do you do wedges are a no go dont want to slip on them bad boys ! but then plimpsoles get soaked although flip flops look the best option they they make your tootsies chilly and as for ballet pumps ..have you ever got a wet foot in a pump
(its not good spesh the squelching sound it makes !)

so my verdict is .... Bare Foot

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wish list june/july 2010

River island £34.99 stunning bag and so unusual ive never seen anything like it realy goes on the tribal theam with the handals too !

River island heel sandal £49.99
Stunning every one needs a good pair of summer heels thease would work with a maxi dress,skinny jeans and ever hareem pants

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

BArrrrrGiiin Of the Week !


5 pairs of shorts , briefs , thongs for £10
usual price £4 each !
student discount can be used in conjunction with the offer

happy shopping !!

Nude Mood ?

You would have to have either been on a different planet or blind if you havent joined the nude phase this spring/summer2010 Its every were you look from lip glosses to little pumps and from nail colours to dresses heres a a bit of my little collection for this sring/summer!

Necklace + bracelets both Newlook = £8 each
Clutch bag primark = £6
Hairband accessorize = £12
Nail colour revlon / boots = £6-7

River island dress = £24.99
i love this dress its so cheap for river island and its so comfortable washes well and best of all you dont have to iorn it ;)

thanks you jme x

SOAP & GLORY hot cloth cleanser

Okay so i have seen many reviews on you tube and in magz about this product so as a self confessed soap and glory NUT i thought i go to boots and give it a try but as my luck usualy goes it was out of stock so i have orderd it in . I have never tryed a hot cloth cleanser before and so i thought i would have a read of how it works but its just the same as a normal cleanser :S whats the big fuss please some one let me know as ive paid £8.99 for this and it just looks like a normal cleanser on the website

Ladies get your pedicure its summer time !!!

Well its safe to say we have all been bitten by the summer bug! why do i know this you may ask ...well because of all the stunning sandal's ive been seeing of corse ! i had been wearing a snake skin 'ish type pair which i snagged from Peacocks last summer for under £10 and had been wearing them this summer untill they broke ! :( ... yes the saying buy cheap by twice came in just about here lol so in a state of shock i thought i best buy some new ones and found my Beauts from ASOS OUTLET

My Park Lane Tribal Detail Flat Sandals were ment to retial at a heavy footed £35.00 but on ASOS OUTLET they were a no swet £18.00 and there is no delivery charge if you opt for the super saver .

SO let me know what you think i love the african tribal look this summer i think its a trend that will never fade out and the gold embelishment will realy kick off that summer tan !