Friday, 11 June 2010

Thankkyou Glamour and Benefit !

So yesterday night i was browsing on blogspot to find lollipop 26 had wrote about glamour giving away free pencils you get a full sized either BAD gal ,eyebright or it stick or if your like me you buy 3 mags and get one of each =) all three together would retail at £45 but with this deal there £2 each plus a copy of glamour mag ! so in sheer desperation i ran over to tesco (luckly i love next door to tesco ;) ) and there were no copys of glamour :( but i went over again this morning and what did i find all three copys !!!! yay ! =D
did you all manage to get copys ? or even all of them ? let me know !

thanks xx


  1. 5! two were for my sister though...I had to hunt BAD gal down today! Finally found it =D yay!


  2. ahh u trumped me lol ... to be honest i did think about going back and double up on them lol is that greedy ? hmm lol x

  3. I went to 4 stores! The first three - none, the forth one which is the closest small shop near my house and also the one I thought didn't sell Glamour had one left, and the one left had the pencil I wanted - It Stick. Lucky times!
    I am not really interested in the other two. I love it so far, very creamy and thankfully, my skintone :)

  4. yea i was suprized by the IT stick it matches my skin really well to got to go and by a jumbo pencil sharpener now though lol ! x

  5. I got all three too...would be rude not to! I love them all. x

  6. yeaa i love mine apart from it stick its a little drying on my skin x