Friday, 11 June 2010

How i take care of my skin

In the past i have sufferd with realy bad acne and as a result i was prescribed Roacutain ( not spelt correctly lol ) it was a really tuff treatment to have it works by stopping the production of oil meaning the pores can not get blocked with oil stopping spots and black heads.This treatment is very popular with TV presenters and other people on television a lot because it stops the face purspurating (sweating) meaning presenters will not sweat under the hot studio lights.The side effects of the treatment can range from depersion to weight gain .. luckly for me i didnt have anything like that although my skin became extreamly dry and flakey but my lips were even worse i could litteraly peel the surface skin of my lip off every morning i went through multiple lip cream ,balms and salvs but in the end it was worth it my skin is so much better now i still get a spot here and there but nothing like it was.The only hang up i have now is the scaring my skin is very red and has a lot of dips were the spots were.Being a beauty therapist i feel under extream presure to make sure that my skin looks the best it can at all times so i have tryed a lot of products, heres my skin steps.

1.Every morning and night i will cleanse my face to get rid of any oil dirt or debry left on my skin my best cleansers are: Dermalogica Ultra calming cleanser and NO7 soft smoothed gental cleanser.Both of thease are ok to remove eye make up with because they are so gental.

2.Three times a week i will exfoliate This aids the removal of dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal my best exfoliators is:Botanics (boots)

3.Twice a week i will use Boots tea tree nose pore stips This will keep my nose as decongested as possible and prevent spots.

4. After i cleanse in the morning i will moisturise before aplying my make up in the morning i use Nivia Soft and in the evening i like to use an anti wrinkle moisturiser i use Derma intensive + anti wrinkle night cream

5.Twice a week i will use a mask my fave is simple moisturising mask it really intensive and had a luxury texture!

Hope you enjoy and if there is any one out there who has had a hard time with acne and such things im only a email away if you ever want to talk ! take care xxx

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