Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Meg ryan hair !

My mum has always wanted and loved meg's hair ,she has tryed several perms and curling tools but never managed
to create the look.

After 2 long hours i managed to make it happen! I used my Babyliss conicle wand Frizz ease hair spray and harmony extra firm hair spray .

The trick to getting thease seperated curls is to take tiney sections each section should be about a cm wide, The curls at the back need to be ulternated but at the front should all be curled away from the face. to keep a longer lasting curl spray with Frizz ease hair spray before you curl and harmony hair spray once curled.

take a look at my pictures to see the finished result :D x


  1. aw your mum looks gorgeous! Her hair looks beautiful!

  2. aww shes stunning :D ,it took soo long lol xx