Thursday, 10 June 2010

oh summer were have you gone :O

im so borred :( that loviily summer sun we had has vanished and left us britt's with dull skys , rain and humidity in the air to top it all off ! i hate this kind of weather it just puts me in a picklee as to what to wear it June so you want to look summer'y but then again its dull so you cant pull off the cropped shorts and vest top you normaly would and then AS FOR THE RAIN!! well what do you do wedges are a no go dont want to slip on them bad boys ! but then plimpsoles get soaked although flip flops look the best option they they make your tootsies chilly and as for ballet pumps ..have you ever got a wet foot in a pump
(its not good spesh the squelching sound it makes !)

so my verdict is .... Bare Foot

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