Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ladies get your pedicure its summer time !!!

Well its safe to say we have all been bitten by the summer bug! why do i know this you may ask ...well because of all the stunning sandal's ive been seeing of corse ! i had been wearing a snake skin 'ish type pair which i snagged from Peacocks last summer for under £10 and had been wearing them this summer untill they broke ! :( ... yes the saying buy cheap by twice came in just about here lol so in a state of shock i thought i best buy some new ones and found my Beauts from ASOS OUTLET

My Park Lane Tribal Detail Flat Sandals were ment to retial at a heavy footed £35.00 but on ASOS OUTLET they were a no swet £18.00 and there is no delivery charge if you opt for the super saver .

SO let me know what you think i love the african tribal look this summer i think its a trend that will never fade out and the gold embelishment will realy kick off that summer tan !

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