Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Say bye bye !!

Thats right long nights and sunny days are long gone now and its time to say bye to some of are summer must haves!, and first thing is first get your storage at the ready because these things are never to be seen again until summer 2011!!

1.FAKE TAN!! - No body not one person expects you to be bronzed within an inch of your life in September! its not like your going to have hardly any skin exposed anyway so put it down!! This  A/W has a bit of an 1920's feel to it so if you want to be on trend this season girls im afraid the tan HAS to go !

2.CORAL LIPPY! - Sorry ladies but its a no brainier! The color coral brings out tans and brown tones in are summer skin but thats no good in the winter for a Winters alternative go for a burnt orange/red lipstick it has that orange color to it still but with more red than peach tones.

3.SUMMER FRAGRANCES! - In my opinion the winter months are all about strong statement sents some of my favorites are Dior pure poison,Angle,Alien both by Thierry Mugler and Prada the one in the rectangle bottle.

And thats it as far as your skin smell and make up goes, I hope this helped you guys out and i'l be writing a lot more posts to get all of us ready for A/W 2011 !! 


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