Thursday, 30 December 2010

Collection 2000 photo shoot for LOOK!

Evening my beaut's hope you all had a fab Christmas yesterday i received a CD in the post containing all the photos from the day.It was a truly fantastic day which i will always treasure as a memory<3>

Firstly we were all given our "theme" so to speak and i got the 1960s! hence the HUGE hair!
(can u believe it wasn't even back combed! just an amazing blow dry ! )

Then for MAKE UP ! obviously the best part!

And then the dreaded posing ! i was really nervous but the photographer was really nice and all the girls felt the same.

And to end the day we all got given our goody bags :DHope you all like the photo's and have an amazing new year!
check out the link for the behind the scenes video.


  1. Oh these look great! :)
    I can't wait to recieve my cd with these on in the post too!


  2. aww haven't you got yours yet ??
    hope you had a nice christmas

  3. nope, i don't think i replied in time with my address before Gemma had a break from work. lol
    It's great to see a little preview here though :)

    hope you had a good christmas too and enjoy the new year :)

  4. OMG you are sooo lucky,i'd love to do something like that, you look gorgeous!

  5. thank you it was an amazing day ! x